Thursday, June 17, 2010

MY MOST FAVOURITE :):) calvin n hobbes :)

took one hour to draw it in graffiti.. hope it resembles the cartoon :P

Monday, June 8, 2009

Laziness.. My greatest enemy...

          Here goes my second post... a long slack aftr the first one i guess... :P its gonna be abt the same nature of mine n many of u indeed.. Its LAZINESS.. as you all kno being lazy and doing no job is the easiest thing in the world...being indolent wil seem to give you a lot of pleasure... but beware its the sharpest of all weapon which will surely slay you down... basically im a gal who used to dream a lot.. build lot of thoughts abt the things i shd achieve.. i do it often... oh i should perform wel and get good gpa next time.. oh i have to complete all the wordlists in a week.. i should stop wasting time in unwanted stuff n start working on my future.. aah i should do some extra project or stuff to get through well in MS.. my blog is damn empty, really have to post something.. bla blah.. its goes on.. wel i do only that.. "the thinking part"... though i plan a lot coz of my laziness i dont implement 99% of them... i used to ponder over the reason behind it.. why am i like this? i have many ambitions but dont work towards any of them.. what will i gain by just talking about others feats n success stories..? would that take me to d destiny i desire..? i know the answer is a big NO...
          Then i realised its not enough to just dream n think about the things you want to accomplish.. you must have a inner fire which is blazing always accosting you to make them done... Well many of us dream a lot.. have high ambitions.. just think n see.. how many of us are working towards it..? a car without an engine s futile... we must start our inner engine n drive towards our dreams... laziness is the greatest enemy hindering our(my) progress.. it pulls you down.. degrades you.. if you put off things often, you will reach a point from where you cant step ahead.. lethargy leads to self degradation.. you wil be stuck up in a impasse.. no use in regreting then.. so WAKE UP NOW, lazy people like me... the world is moving ahead of you.. its already late.. get triggered n start working on your goals.. don't just show off by boasting the things you want to do or achieve.. take a step ahead.. start your ACTION.. be ebullient n develop passion towards any work you do.. when you start loving d things you do,laziness will never peep in.. tats wat i keep telling myself repeatedly.. you cant measure the ecstacy you would gain when you achieve something, even a minuscule success.. ward off procrastination and become a winner by yourself.. never ever regret later..

Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be.
                Become one yourself!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

non-sense sometimes make sense...

hi dudes,
So I am finally into this world of blogging.. thanks to the constant pestering from two of my friends:) i had been long thinking about the things i wud be posting here..
nothing came to my mind.. ponder ponder ponder... finally i have decided that ill pen down whatever comes to my mind.. small small things i enjoy daily.. stupid thoughts and etc etc.. it may seem gibberish to many but it makes a lot of sense to me..makes me feel happy...(tats how i coined this blog title!!) So keep reading...

I am only one;but still I am one;I cannot do everything;but I can do something;I will not refuse to do the something I can do.

-Helen Keller

see ya soon,